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PureOS is a GNU/Linux liveCD, it allows the user to discover and use a GNU/Linux operating system without modifying the contents of the hard-disk.
Aimed at a large public,
this liveCD can be used as a liveUSB and be installed on the hard-disk.

It's based on Debian (testing branch), built with the
Linux-Live scripts and distributed under GPL license.


PureOS 7.0

Sunday, 03 March 2013 11:19

PureOS 7.0 is a GNU/Linux live distro based on Debian testing, multilingual, installable and built with the new Linux Live Kit scripts.

It is available in two versions (Gnome and Openbox) as zip images for live-usb only.

Features common to both versions:
- kernel 3.6.11
- Chromium, GParted, Synaptic
- scripts for modules management (dir2pb, pb2dir, pure activate/deactivate, deb2pb and debs2pb)
- smxi/sgfxi scripts

Openbox version weighs only 356 MB, it was designed to serve as a basis for the design of live-usb customized by adding modules.
Gnome version is more complete (supports scanners and printers ...), it weighs 642 MB.

Supported locales:
- FR: French, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland
- EN: USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, India
- others: Brazil, Czechia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey

To create your live-usb:
- extract the ZIP archive directly to your usb device
- navigate to the /PureOS/boot directory on your USB device and run the bootinst.bat script by double clicking at it (with Windows) or the bootinst.sh script (with the ./bootinst.sh command in a terminal with linux) in order to make your drive bootable

The password of the guest account is "guest" and the root account is "root".
Installation is only possible from the root account.

Artwork, thanks to:
- KEIII-RU for the Default Mod Gnome Shell theme
- lassekongo83 for the Zukitwo GTK3 theme
- ryanr08 for the Smooth Colours wallpaper (Openbox version)
and tiheum for the Faience icon theme

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The complete list of packages is available on the mirrors.


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